Let´s end poverty.

For a Universal Exchange Basic Income RBIU.

What the Universal Exchange Basic Income is?

The Universal Exchange Basic Income is an electronic income that aims to eradicate poverty.

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It is 100% electronic.


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It allows to exchange goods and services everywhere in the world.

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Anybody above 14 years old can receive it.

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It is determined according to each country poverty line.

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It is based on the Blockchain technology.

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It is a non-profit project.

Main data about RBIU

10% of world population lives with less than

700 milions of workers live with less than 

16% of the population of middle and high income countries live on less than

How to collaborate with the project

You can participate as an entity or individual through the following options:

Join as a public entity

Area you a public or private entity willing to participate in the Universal Exchange Basic Income project – RBIU?

Join as an individual

Do you want to contribute to ending poverty by joining a solidarity project such as the Universal Basic Exchange Income?


A tool for financial inclusion

A tool for financial inclusion

About 30% of adults in the world do not have a bank account. 6 out of 10 of these people, that is more than half, do have a mobile phone. Most of them are found in low-income developing countries in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Latin America and Africa. In fact, almost half of these people live...

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What is the Universal Exchange Basic Income?

What is the Universal Exchange Basic Income?

Surely in recent years you have heard about the Universal Basic Income. Since March with the arrival of the coronavirus and the social and economical impacts that it has caused, it is a debate that has reopened and that many see as the solution to these times of economic uncertainty. Let’s talk...

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